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Sterilized Oat Spawn - 500g (with injection port)

Sterilized Oat Spawn - 500g (with injection port)

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500g of sterilized Oat Spawn with .2micron filter patch

Ready to inoculate with colonized Agar Plate, Liquid Culture, Spore Syringe or use for G2G Transfers

These bags come with an injection port, making inoculation with a Liquid Culture or Spore Syringe super simple

This is the same spawn that we use here on the farm for our commercial production operations

We use A-Grade Feed Oats, cleaned and perfectly hydrated with filtered rainwater before being sterilized in our Autoclave and sealed in front of a Laminar Flowhood whilst hot.

This product should be used immediately once received. We cannot guarantee sterility if spawn bags are left for a period of time before being used. 

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