Hey! I’m Jason. Founder of The Mushroom Connection, your source for all things fungi. From sustainably grown, premium-quality fresh mushies, to grow-kits, supplements and more. We are passionate about fungi and dedicated to sharing their magic with as many people as possible!

Our Journey

My obsession with mushrooms and love of science & nature led me to establish The Mushroom Connection in early 2016. I believe that mushrooms are one of natures greatest gifts and have the potential to solve a lot of the problems we face as a society today. What started as a personal fascination has blossomed into a full-fledged commitment to bring the magic of fungi to our local community and abroad.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about sustainable farming practices and the plant based movement, and strive to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing our materials as locally as possible. Our mushrooms are grown on all natural agricultural waste products and collected rain water. Our farming operations are also supplemented by 20kw of Solar Power.

Quality & Freshness

We take pride in producing a diverse selection of mushrooms of exceptional taste and quality. Through meticulous care, tailored growing methods and adhering to rigorous standards, we ensure that every mushroom delivered is of absolute premium quality and freshness.

Take a look around

Thanks for joining us on our fungi-filled adventure. Explore our website and selection of mushrooms and mushroom products, and of course feel free to get in touch!

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