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Lions Mane Extract - 50ml

Lions Mane Extract - 50ml

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A testament to purity, potency, and complete transparency.

  • Ingredients: Organic Lions Mane Fruiting Body, Organic Cane Spirit (30% v/v), and Spring Water. That's it! No useless fillers, flavours or starches.
  • 100% Aussie: Our Lions Mane extract contains only 100% Organic Aussie ingredients. Made from Lions Mane grown on our farm here in rural Victoria, and extracted by a commercial Australian Laboratory. Even the Cane Spirit we use is distilled in-house!
  • Full Spectrum: We use a dual-extraction method to ensure that all bio-active compounds are extracted for maximum potency and bio-availability. This means using water and alcohol to extract a wider range of compounds. We also re-add the mushroom bio-mass back into the liquid at the end of the process, making this a truly Full Spectrum product (so make sure to shake well before use!)
  • Transparency: It's the wild west out there. With so many brands entering the functional mushroom industry, it's tough to know who to trust. Our goal is to shake up the industry and set the standard for quality. You can check out our farm and see where our product is produced by following along on our Instagram
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