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The Mushroom Connection

7 Mushroom SuperBlend Mushroom Capsules

7 Mushroom SuperBlend Mushroom Capsules

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Harness the full power of our fungal ally's with our 7 Mushroom SuperBlend, 100% pure mushroom fruiting body capsules.

  • Nature's Treasure Trove: Experience the magic of the most revered functional mushroom varieties in one extraordinary blend. Our 7 Mushroom Superblend combines Chaga, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Turkey Tail Mushrooms.
  • Pure: Our capsules contain only pure mushroom fruiting body with no fillers, additives, starches or artificial ingredients. Just the way nature intended.
  • Organic: Certified organic and vegan-friendly, our supplements are made with mushrooms sourced from reputable, licensed organic mushroom farms.
  • Quality: Manufactured in a GMP Licensed and Organic Certified Facility for the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Simplicity: Our convenient capsules deliver 500mg of our 7 mushroom SuperBlend
  • Third Party Testing: All of our supplements are independently tested in Australia by an Independent, Third-Party Laboratory Testing facility to ensure quality and safety. You can view the lab results HERE

Elevate your wellbeing and experience the synergy of seven of the most renowned and well researched functional mushrooms in one convenient blend. Try our 7 Mushroom Superblend today and embrace the full spectrum of goodness that nature has to offer!



We always recommend doing your own research and keeping in mind that this products assertions have not undergone assessment by the TGA. Please be aware that individual reactions can differ. Do not consume this product if you are pregnant, taking prescription medication or have a medical condition without first consulting your healthcare professional.

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